Jackie Ngarande reveals her HIV status


Jackie Ngarande reveals her HIV status. The socialite/businesswoman and model has taken a step towards securing her health as she took an HIV test. She followed the footsteps of fellow businesswoman and friend Pokello Nare. Check what she had to say after taking the text.

Thank you so much @queenofswaggerofficial for this initiative #Pokellohivtesting 🙏 🙏 🙏. The stigma around HIV/Aids is what mostly affects people that are affected by the virus whether directly or indirectly.As human beings, we tend to continue putting a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance in order to make ourselves look even more like fools. If we could build one another or motivate one another, what would we lose?


We living a life where our lives are not guaranteed every second although the shaming of people continues as if it something that will empower ourselves. 😍 Let’s continue to push , motivate and inspire people to eliminate this horrific thing called Stigma against people affected by the HIV virus. #MyFriendwithHIVisStillMyfriend #MyColleagueWithHIVisStillMyColleague #MyNeighborWithHIVisStillMyNeighbor