Jackie Ngarande pens down heartfelt message to Mai TT

Jackie Ngarande pens down heartfelt message to Mai TT

Jackie Ngarande pens down heartfelt message to Mai TT

Jackie Ngarande took to her social media to pen down a touching letter to Mai TT.

Jackie thanked Mai TT for the support she gave her a few months ago when she was going through a rough time.

Jackie wrote Mai TT is a good woman and most of the cat woman fans agree with her.

“I have so much respect for you for being a sisters keeper, you were one of the first respondants to come to my rescue the day ,I tried to take my own life ,YES you were going through a lot yourself ,but you said NO let me go and assist Jackie ,as a sister,For me that was powerful and love.

I think approximately you spent about 1 hour 45 mins at my house ,You even said mupfanha unofira chii,you offered me kuti handei tese kumba kwangu,new environment, new person , Look at me and what’s going on but I’m here,use my situation as your strength,we later joined hands and prayed before you left,Now I’m very hurt and broken because some people here on social media want to pitch you against me by spreading a false narrative kuti Mai Titi vakadzingwa kumba kwa Jackie,havadiwe ikoko vakatovharirwa gate vari panze 😔😔.

I don’t understand why people would want you and I to fight over lies and fabricated malice,I had locked myself in my bedroom but u knocked and said Jackie buda ndimai titi ,buda usacheme ,I came out your eyes were teary mukati Jackie zvaitasei mainini😔😔,since that day till now everyday I block 🚫 people here saying ndakakudzingai kumba kwangu,zvinhu zvisina kuitika.,worse panoitika chese chakaipa on social media you name will always be dragged,zita renyu should be dragged along with even kwaJackie vakadzingwa ,NO ndaramba, pane vanhu vanofunga kuti vakakanda dombo people should fight always,Fabricating lies to paint a picture yekuita senge inini ndini ndirikufamba ndichidaro kuvanhu ,NO..

I had to write this letter to encourage you because I know that life can be tough, and when the going gets tough one can easily get distracted, discouraged and could even miss the mark, A saying has it that “strong minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events and weak minds discuss people.” This saying seems to be correct and has stood the test of time. Never get distracted by gossips Muraaaa. Yes, it is true that a man´s enemy is always within, so those who gossip about you aren’t far from you, they could be your kinsmen, friends and folks. Yet, never get discouraged.

A gossip is like a bad defender in the game of football who attempts to pull down or impedes the progress ,Makuhwa can kill morale and disrupt productivity. When this happens, the gossipmonger and haters would have achieved their aim,Koitawo vanoramba vachiposta that video you did of me 6 years ago😔,People should learn HEAL AND MOVE ON,The only permanent thing that is consistent in life is change Muraa,You are not that woman anymore,you don’t live there anymore.

Gossip is that thing you cannot say to the person, or persons face-to-face because they are false premonitions or the creations of your own fantasies. They are lies and prejudices aimed at discrediting the integrity of the other. They are used to score cheap points by those who are interested in listening will listen based on their level of education and understanding.The objective of gossips is to slow your pace, to weaken you and to discourage you. Never give in to them. And never join their company as well.

Gossips are worse than thieves because they steal another person´s dignity, honour, reputation and credibility which are impossible to restore. So, remember this, when your feet slip, you can always recover your balance but when your tongue slips, you can never recover your words,I had to address this because I have respect for you and I have no bad blood with you and will never.
I wish you well Muraaa.
Love Jackie Ngarande “

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