Inside VK Tshwete’s 5th Birthday – Photos

Inside VK Tshwete’s 5th Birthday

Inside VK Tshwete’s 5th Birthday – Photos

Zizo Tshwete and Mayihlome recently united for their son’s 5th birthday.

The two who have been rumoured to be living apart threw VK a Mickey Mouse themed party.

When scrolling through Zizo and Mayihlome’s Instagram pages, baby VK’s ( as affectionately referred to by his famous parents) makes more than a few appearances:

One thing that usually stands out is the striking resemblance between Zizo Tshwete and her son. However, according to Mayihlome, there’s another innate gene that little VK has inherited from his mommy – her stubbornness!

The former Home Affairs spokesperson is never one to share much about his personal life, especially details around his son and wife. But it seems Mayihlome couldn’t resist sharing this interesting tidbit with the masses on Twitter.

”My son is so stubborn… definitely gets it from his mom.” read the tweet.

Inside VK Tshwete’s 5th Birthday – Photos

It is always interesting taking note of which different traits children will inherit from their celebrity parents. Mayihlome and Zizo’s son is just the latest example of the fascinating genetics at play.

During a candid interview with television host, Anele Mdoda on her defunct talk show, Real Talk. DJ Zinhle spoke openly about the similarities between her baby daddy, AKA and Kairo.

The mother of one, revealed that her adorable daughter, Kairo Forbes, definitely inherited almost all of her famous father’s mannerisms and personality traits.

ANELE: ”When you look at Kairo, what reminds you of Kiernan(AKA).?”

ZINHLE: ”Everything! When I see Kairo, it’s just Kiernan … it’s a copy of Kiernan. And the craziest thing is that, she started walking like him recently. And I’m like, but why Kairo, you’re a girl.”

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