Inside The Fergusons’ Dubai Take Over!

Inside The Fergusons’ Dubai Take Over!

Inside The Fergusons' Dubai Take Over!

The Fergusons are living in the lap of luxury right now in Dubai and we can’t do much but watch in envy. Most of the Zalebs are in Holiday mode and sharing some moments from their luxurious getaways through social media.

It is no secret that this year was another major success for the power couple and media moguls Shona and Connie Ferguson as their productions did well. The couple also had a fair share of challenges in the industry as they faced allegations of exploitation, firing actors, and recycling actors, hence a vacation is absolutely needed as a form of escapism away from all the drama.

Taking to Instagram, Connie shared snaps from their Dubai vacay and they are clearly having the best time of their lives. The Fergusons are taking over Dubai with their daughters Lesedi and Alicia. Lesedi took to her Instagram page and posted a snap of her dressed in a morning gown and her location revealed that she is in Dubai.

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