Inside Gogo Maweni’s house and cars – Photos

Inside Gogo Maweni’s house and cars – Photos

Inside Gogo Maweni’s house and cars – Photos

Gogo Maweni real name, Makgotso Lee-Anne Makgopo is a renowned South African sangoma, television personality, and entrepreneur who rose to prominence following her reality show- Izangoma Zodumo.

Gogo Maweni is not your typical traditional healer, she is a high-achieving fashionista with a huge following on social media and expensive tastes for the finer things in life.

Gogo Maweni’s house is a beautiful fully furnished mansion that is reportedly located in Johannesburg. Details about the price and features of Gogo Maweni’s house are currently available as the sangoma has not publicly disclosed the information.

During a past interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Gogo Maweni revealed that her house was filled with exotic animals including snakes, rabbits, tortoises, dogs, and an owl. She further explained that she loved her animals and they are just pets she didn’t exploit them for anything.

“My house is full of snakes, we have 5 snakes, one owl, two rabbits and we have two tortoises and three beautiful dogs,” she said during the interview.

Besides her beautiful residential house, in May 2022, Gogo Maweni also revealed that she had bought a second house in Sandton which she was going to demolish and use the space to construct a bar and restaurant called Kwa Maweni.

Taking to Instagram, the reality show star shared a video of the design of the new bar and restaurant she was planning on building.

Gogo Maweni’s cars

Inside Gogo Maweni’s house and cars – Photos

In addition to her beautiful home, Gogo Maweni who is clearly doing well financially also owns a couple of Mercedes Benz.

The latest addition to her collection is a Mercedes Benz that reportedly cost her about R 1 million. She took to social media to celebrate her new purchase and shared photos of the brand-new German Machine.

While some of her fans celebrated her new purchase with her, a good number of tweeps had a difficult time celebrating with Gogo Maweni as a few days prior to buying her new car, she had posted a video blasting her haters and reminding them that she is rich and successful while they were poor and relied on the R350.

How does Gogo Maweni make her money?

Regarded as one of the most famous sangomas in South Africa, Gogo Maweni has also established herself as one of the most successful people in her industry and although she was born into a well-to-do family, she has worked hard to build her empire.

She makes money from her reality show- Izangoma Zodumo, her herbal store and jewelry business, as well as from her work as a traditional healer.

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