Inside Brenden Praise And Mpoomy Ledwaba’s daughter’s birthday

Inside Brenden Praise And Mpoomy Ledwaba’s daughter’s birthday

Inside Brenden Praise And Mpoomy Ledwaba’s daughter’s birthday

Over the weekend, former Idols SA star Brenden Praise and his wife Mpoomy Ledwaba threw their daughter Nuri a birthday party. Nuri, who’s their firstborn turned two-years-old last week. Brenden took to his social media to wish her baby girl a happy birthday.

“Happy 2nd Birthday to my Hypebeast Princess!!! She Woke up to a bed filled with her favorite things, Boons (Balloons) and Walala (Umbrella) just couldn’t find a ballerina to stuff into that tiny bed at 6am but all in all she’s having the time of her life!! Happy Birthday Nuri, Mommy and Brenden Love you.”

Inside Brenden Praise And Mpoomy Ledwaba’s daughter’s birthday

Mpoomy also wished her daughter a happy birthday on social media and detailing how she arrived into the world so unexpectedly.

“2 years ago on this day Nuri, showed us exactly who she is hubby and I were on our last vacay without kids, did girl not decide to show up literally had to drive 4hours to get me to hospital Since her arrival she has taken over our world, pretty much runs the household and doesn’t really get the concept of time”

The Youtuber also added that her baby has taken much of her time which she mostly spends on motherly duties.

“Missy talks from the moment she wakes up 5am till bedtime 7pm non stop, when I say non stop I mean it. She loves balloons, ballerinas, sneakers and umbrellas. Happy 2nd birthday to our Light and Joy.”

This past weekend Nuri’s parents threw her ballerina themed party.

“I think we have finally recovered from Nuri’s ballerina party! It was filled with love, laughter and lots of play!” Shared Mpoomy, thanking the organisers for helping her put together her child’s dream birthday party.

“Thank you @applespicebaby for the most perfect ballerina dress, and yes she wore it with muddy puddle boots because keHype Beast akere. Thank you @bonolo_monaisa for organizing a real life ballerina for us. My sissy @mabutlainno for dropping everything to make this party happen you ladies are gems.”

Brendon also shared a beautiful snap of himself and Nuri where they shared a special moment. He had this to say about the picture.

“This is a little moment we shared where I must have either been negotiating on something or trying to talk her out of possibly burning down the whole place, these are my favorite moments.”

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