Inno Morolong Exposes Tebogo Thobejane’s Dirty Secrets

Inno Morolong Exposes Tebogo Thobejane’s Dirty Secrets

Inno Morolong Exposes Tebogo Thobejane’s Dirty Secrets

Socialite Inno Morolong has set the timeline ablaze again after taking to her Instagram account, to air actress Tebogo Thobejane’s dirty laundry and we are here for the drama!

It is no secret that the former besties have become sworn enemies now and their feuds and rants always get people talking online. The two have been at each other’s throats for some time, and it appears they will not be making amends anytime soon since Inno continues to expose Tebogo.

The Showmax’s Diamond and Dolls star is breathing fire and she has to put Tebogo on blast after a physical fight. She accuses her of sleeping with Nigerian men in order to afford jewelry.

Inno had mentioned on her Instagram page that she would be exposing a ‘magogo’ who is a prostitute. She said this magogo is a fake friend who gossip about her friends.

She called her an “evil witch” saying she knows 3 of her sangomas. In a rant that has gone viral Inno accuses of sleeping with multiple men to finance her fancy lifestyle. She further alleges that Tebogo does not use protection when she bonks with these men. She further goes on to say that Tebogo is jealous of Faith Nketsi.

“I don’t sell my body, I sleep good at night… my daughter knows one ex of mine. You call me an old rag but you sleep with 20 guys, in fact, 20 is an understatement. Some of these men you sleep with them without protection and you’re filthy,” she alleges.

“Some of these men fck you in your own house. No man has fcked me in my own house. You’re even staying with your child but fck men in your own house. Unprotected sex you love it die. You fck the same set of friends, should I name drop? I can mention the names of the men… all those Nigerians and old men. Do you remember who hooked you up for your first bracelet? You even had to f*ck friends to get that bracelet.”

Inno did not stop there; she went on to ask her about a president she was allegedly involved with. Although she did not name drop, she left people asking questions about who the president could be? She claims Tebogo even had a threesome with one of her friends and the friend was boring.

“What about the president? What about when you had a three sum with your friend and you said she was boring in bed?”

According to Inno, Tebogo should be on I Blew It after she misappropriated a R1 million she got from one of her daddies. She further alleges that Tebogo Thobejane’s house is a ‘poes huis.’

She further accuses her of taking drugs. “You take out your substances in front of my people you’re mad. When I am around your people behave but when you around my people you misbehave. That day I slapped you.

She also said that Tebogo gets paid R1000 on Muvhango and she makes the rest of her money through her connections. Inno further claims that Tebogo Thobejane is an easy girl to sleep with and she’s a ‘how much’ girl.

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