IN SNAPS | Letoya Makhene’s bae gushes over her for being the best lockdown partner yet!

IN SNAPS | Letoya Makhene's bae gushes over her for being the best lockdown partner yet!

As the nation settles into the extended period of lockdown, actress Letoya Makhene and her bae Lebohang Keswa are making the most of their quality time together.

Letoya and Lebohang’s romance first came to light last week and, ever since then, they’ve been giving a front-row seat into what happiness looks like.

A few days ago, Lebo shared how she’s been tricking Letoya into doing all the cooking because she loves her food.

“We both love cooking mara, I’ve been tricking her to do all the cooking as I love her food. So today I’m being nice … call me braai master.”

Earlier this week, Letoya also penned a heartfelt letter to her dad, veteran musician Blondie Makhene, thanking him for giving them his blessings.

“You know how much I’ve dealt with in my journey through life, daddy. How many times I’ve been told to repent and forsake my ancestors — for hell surely awaits me. Now — as we predicted — the same people are telling me once again that hell awaits me because I’ve finally found everything that I’ve ever prayed for in a lifelong partner.

“Thank you daddy for the blessing you gave us. Yours and God’s is the only blessing that matters,” she said.

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