IN MEMES | Fans think Boity’s PA should be named DRAMA!

IN MEMES | Fans think Boity's PA should be named DRAMA!

Viewers of Boity Thulo’s reality show can’t decide if t

hose dramatic nature is becoming too much for most of the TV presenter-turned-rapper’s fans.

From the beginning, fans have had issues understanding Bobby’s role in Boity’s life. It has since become more confusing for them because it doesn’t seem as if Bobby knows he’s “staan plek”.

Wednesday night’s episode left tweeps shook after they watched Bobby fail to follow simple instructions.

How does a person book a flight that lands at 6.25 and a connecting flight that leaves at 6:20? Haai … there he left tweeps confused.

However, there were a few tweeps who were there for Bobby and all his drama.

Fans felt the show needed Bobby to spice things up because without him, all that’s left is Boity talking about her dog and lending her mom her clothes. This wouldn’t make for a very entertaining show.

Here are the mixed reactions:

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