IN MEMES | Fans say goodbye to Boity’s reality show & here’s what they want to see in season 2

IN MEMES | Fans say goodbye to Boity’s reality show & here's what they want to see in season 2

There’s no doubt that Boity Thulo’s fans definitely feel like they know her better thanks to her reality show and, as they said farewell to the show on Wednesday, they made it clear that they hope for a season two.

Boity: Own Your Throne, which initially got mixed reactions, seems to have aired the last episode with more fans than it initially had. Boity took to her Twitter account to thank the viewers for their support and express her wish for a season two as well.

“Thank you all so so much for walking this journey with me. It was so endearing, so fulfilling! I do not take your love and support for granted! By God’s grace, I’ll see y’all on season 2!”

Boity’s fans shared some of the things they wish to see more of should there be a next season.

Here are the top 3.

More of Boity, please …
While fans have appreciated the front row seat into Boity’s life, should there be a second season, fans want her to let them in even more.

They have complained that she’s let other people have more of her spotlight and they would like to see her explore more personal things on the show.

Boity’s mom Modiehi actually stole the show
The one thing the show taught Boity’s fans is that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Fans are convinced that, if she had chosen to, Boity’s mother could have been a TV star.

They can’t wait to see more of her in season 2 and more of their mother-daughter relationship which is absolute goals for most of Boity’s fans.

More authentic relationships and friendships …
Even though Bobby was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining people in the show, Boity’s fans are looking forward to a season two without him.

Instead, they would like to see more authentic friendships and relationships on the show. Like more of Boity and Bash’s friendship as well as people like Maps, whom fans are convinced is more than a friend.

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