IN MEMES | Fans of #BoityBET want another season without dramatic Bobby!

IN MEMES | Fans of #BoityBET want another season without dramatic Bobby!

Fans of Boity: Own Your Throne are aware that Bobby may be part of an elaborate plan to add some spice to the show, however they are ready to do without him and have taken to Twitter to ask Boity to exclude him from season two.

Another episode of the reality show left fans feeling sorry and even frustrated with Boity for not getting rid of Bobby sooner. In addition to the fact that Bobby’s confidence comes off as egotistical and even arrogant, fans can’t help but feel that he’s on a mission to sabotage Boity.

Even though Bobby has a few of the fans on his side, most viewers on Twitter feel Boity needs to cut him off. They even went as far as saying that if the rapper intended on making season two, she needed to find someone else to provide the drama, because they are totes over Bobby.

Fans were further frustrated on Boity’s behalf when her whole team disappointed her left, right and centre. Some even asked her to send out vacancy ads so they could apply for the jobs because, at this point, everybody on Twitter reckons they could do a better job than Boity’s current team.

Check out some of the reactions below.

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