I’m so tired of explaining myself – Zahara speaks out

I’m so tired of explaining myself – Zahara speaks out

I’m so tired of explaining myself – Zahara speaks out

Singer Zahara has responded to speculations as to whether or not she performed drunk at Macufe festival over the weekend. A viral video of the songstress performing has rubbed people the wrong way because a tweep who was in the crowd claimed Zahara was drunk.

Speaking to IOL, Zahara responded to trolls by saying she is tired of explaining herself every day and claimed that some people tried to sabotage her.

“In my life right now, I’m so tired of explaining myself of everything that people decide to do and what they want to think of me.

“People who were at Macufe saw my performance. I’m not talking about people who are trying to sabotage me. Ask people who were in Macufe.” On Twitter, she told people to stop editing videos to suit their own agenda.

I’m so tired of explaining myself – Zahara speaks out

“Don’t edit things to put me down, God is good all the time. Stop this nonsense.”
Zahara saw herself trending for the wrong reasons as Nota also added his own opinion on the drama. “If you’re in the media & entertainment industry the best thing you can teach your wife is how to make her own money without selling her body… My wife’s career & Zahara’s career started at similar times but today my wife owns most of her masters & she knows how to market herself,”

he tweeted.

“If Zahara found a good husband whose half the man that I am she wouldn’t be performing to pay SARS & drowning her sorrows in alcohol before she gets on stage. Substance abuse ends in jail, institutionalisation or death. Unfortunately she’s not the Zodwa Wabantu or Mihlali type,” he said.

Nota added that Zahara needs to apologies to DJ Sbu for all the supposed lies she told on him and TK Nciza about Loliwe royalties.

“Zahara won’t recover until she apologises to TK Nciza & DJ Sbu for all the lies she’s told about them… Until then substances will continue to bedevil her. She used to say she doesn’t want to end up a Brenda Fassie but now she’s doing everything in her power to ensure she does.

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