I’m not an angry black woman – Actress Enhle Mbali sets the record straight

I’m not an angry black woman – Actress Enhle Mbali sets the record straight

I’m not an angry black woman – Actress Enhle Mbali sets the record straight

Actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali recently took to Instagram to tell her beautiful life story as a daughter, mother, wife, woman and superstar.

In a mini doccie video shared on social media, the “Rockville“ actress took her followers down memory lane, paying tribute to her mother and other female figures that played a vital role in raising the woman that she has become.

In the series, Enhle gives a deeply personal account of her life’s biggest lessons, her journey of love and life, pain and laughter, marriage, and launching her career as an actress and a fashion designer.

She spoke candidly about travelling the world with her estranged husband, renowned music producer Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo., while she had to put her career on hold to make a home for her family.

“I felt that it was important not to lose myself in this other being that was larger than life, where at times I felt like a shadow. I was a beautiful homemaker.

“I made a home wherever we were in the world … whether we were on a yacht in Spain or New York on 5th Avenue, I created an environment where I made everything home.

“In all the travelling that I did, I picked up so many pearls which are why I could launch a range from New York, and have a fashion business that lasted this long,” says Enhle.

The star went on to explain to her followers why she decided to create the mini doccie.

“Women around the world are under attack, and the question for me is what are we celebrating when we’re constantly speaking about the pain that women go through?

“I say let’s look past the pain. It’s so important to understand that with pain comes healing.”

“It was highly imperative for me to have this conversation with you because of the time that we’re in globally and South Africa. You have watched me in a very public spat, one that did not cause.

“I was on the stairs of the Randburg court fighting GBV but unfortunately it gave me an angry back woman status and all I was doing was fighting for self, fighting for what was right, protecting myself and my children.

“I’m not an angry black woman, I am however a woman who had to stand for herself. Let’s not forget that this problem came to me, I was home relaxing, celebrating myself, this problem came to me and when I fight this problem, the problem becomes the victim.”

Enhle was referring to the alleged abuse suffered at the hands of her estranged husband.

Earlier in the year, she filed a protection order preventing Black Coffee from entering his former marital home.

The former “Isibaya” star accused Black Coffee of assaulting her at her 33rd birthday dinner at their Sandton home in March.

“Abuse is not right. I’m not a gold digger. I found a man who had an opportunity in his mind and we made a decision to build together and now he is built.

“I agreed to take parts of my life that I consider so important to me and put them aside to make forever work and it didn’t.

“I am a woman to helped build her man. I am a woman who created a shell to protect her family.

“I have taken the pain and turned it into happiness and joy, I have taken ridicule and turned it into strength and poise.

She also thanked South Africa for the love and support she has received since the news of the abuse broke.

“I couldn’t have done most of what I’ve done without your experiences. I get texts from women I never met … women who have been through similar situations – the grandmas and aunties and who now know that it’s possible to fight for self, even when you’re fighting a giant, so to all of you I’m grateful.”

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