#IdolsSA judge Thembi Seete is bgetter than Unathi and Somizi is now jealous, reasons revealed

#IdolsSA judge Thembi Seete is bgetter than Unathi and Somizi is now jealous, reasons revealed

#IdolsSA judge Thembi Seete is bgetter than Unathi and Somizi is now jealous, reasons revealed

Idols SA has not been without drama since the new judges, Thembi Seete and JR Bogopa were introduced. When the show aired its first episodes, it was top trending on social media as Mzansi backlashed the new judges and opted for Unathi and Randall to come back.

The new judges gave a deaf ear to negative comments, improving their judging prowess, and we can all agree that they have ideally replaced the previous judges. However, it looks like Thembi Seete is threatening Somizi, and he can’t hide it anymore.

In the recent Idols SA episode, Somizi gave Thembi Seete an evil look each time she delivered her comments. Mzansi took it to Twitter to analyse why Somizi feels challenged by having Thembi Seete as his co-judge.

A Twitterati commented: “Somizi is used to being the only Queen. He is probably irked by the fact that Thembi is also and always bright in her outfits too. Unathi was subtle. Somizi and Thembi are both loud in their fashion. Probably why Somizi seems annoyed by Thembi everytime.”

Well, it looks like Thembi Seete is stealing the light from Somizi, who was used to rock glorious outfits without anyone to compete with, as Unathi and Randall were not into fashion. The tables have turned for Somgaga as Thembi Seete has a great fashion sense which draws all the audience’s attention.

Since she started judging on Idols SA, Thembi Seete has been frying Mzansi with her colourful and excellent fashion sense. Two weeks ago, she was rocking blonde and yellow hair glorified with a yellow outfit, and ProVerb pointed out that Idos SA’s Twitter page was flooded with complimentary messages for Thembi Seete’s outfit.

Idols SA is a talent search competition, but its judges are slowly turning it into a fashion show. In the latest episode, all the judges were dressed to kill. JR Bogopa was wearing normal smart casual while Thembi Seete was slaying in an all-gold outfit, and she looked gorgeous.

On the other hand, Somgaga was rocking a Nigerian costume with a vast gold neckless capped by long braided hair with his name on it.

ProVerb complimented all the judges for their excellent fashion sense, but his main focus was on Thembi.

ProVerb said: “Sis Tay the vibe am getting from u is Queen, Royalty and Gold.”

The compliments of ProVerb to Thembi would not have sat well with Somizi. As a result, Somizi was looking at Thembi with a talking eye leaving Mzansi convinced that he was jealous of Sis Tay.

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