Singer and Idols SA judge Unathi gets attacked

Singer and Idols SA judge Unathi gets attacked

Singer and Idols SA judge Unathi gets attacked

Singer and Idols judge Unathi Nkayi recently had a sit down on Instagram with fashion influencers Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa and some tweeps did not like how Unathi handled the conversation.

The trio touched on the pretty girl privilege. In the video that is making rounds on social media, Sarah is heard saying: “There is pretty girl privilege and let’s not shy away from that, your role is to uplift people that don’t feel pretty as a pretty person because you’re constantly praised.”

She added that being pretty comes with a lot of responsibilities and hate.
“So it does come with a lot of hate but that’s part of the responsibilities you know, to understand what the hate comes from. And the hate Is deeply rooted in the privilege and the privilege is what people do not want to acknowledge… ”

Many tweeps said what Sarah was saying did not make sense. @Mphomoalamedi tweeted: “I’m not talking about beauty, and ni one is implying that Unathi isn’t beautiful, I’m asking because what Sarah is saying doesn’t make sense. How do you uplift people who don’t feel pretty by being pretty? How does she get what Sarah is saying when it doesn’t make sense?”

“I tried to make sense of what Sarah Langa was saying because vele I’m a person who likes giving others the benefit of the doubt,” another tweep wrote.

However, others came for Unathi asking why she keeps saying“I get you.” Here are more reactions from Twitter.

“I’ve watched this so many times trying to get what sis Unathi is getting. Angi’geti nothing.”

Mampho B felt that people are just bullying Unathi, she tweeted: “There was no confusion when Beyonce released Brown Skin Girl. She was uplifting women who sometimes felt they are not accepted by society. Now that Sarah Langa tries to explain something along those lines people are not understanding her??? Ok then Also Unathi is being bullied.”

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