‘I am not GAY’: Somizi reveals he smashed a woman 5 years ago – VIDEO

‘I am not GAY’: Somizi reveals he smashed a woman 5 years ago – VIDEO

‘I am not GAY’: Somizi reveals he smashed a woman 5 years ago – VIDEO

Mzansi celebrity Somizi Mhlongo aka Somgaga recently opened up about dating a woman five years ago and revealed where he is now in terms of his s.e.xuality.

The reality television star told Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka on Kaya 959 that he’s always been open about his s.e.xuality from day one, even Palesa the mother of his child knows this.

He says he “was a child star by then and girls would throw themselves at me.

I’d tell them that I play for both teams. I’ve always been honest that’s why there was no shock on her side.”

Despite his honesty, Somizi notes that some girls thought it was just a “phase.:

Responding to Sol’s questions about if he’s been with any other woman since Palesa, Som G revealed that it was about” five years ago” that he was with a woman.

“It wasn’t a relationship. Not everything you touch must be a relationship nowadays.”

Discovering That He Is Pans.e.xual

“At some point, I thought I was gay, at some point I thought I was bi and now I’m pans.e.xual,” shares Somizi.

“Being pans.e.xual, I’m attracted to whomever I’m attracted to at the time. I’m not actually into a specific s.e.xuality. It’s the vibes and the chemistry that I’m feeling at the time. And it could be a guy, it could be a woman, it could be a trans.”

Somizi notes that he does not want to be boxed.

“The older you get, the more you find yourself and you explore and it’s okay.

He says if he is confusing people then “it’s none of their business.”

The most important thing for Somizi is that he is not confusing his partner.

Somizi Finds Sol Attractive

“I think Sol is very attractive, you’ve got beautiful teeth and lips are nice,” he told the Podcast And Chill host.

“That thing you do on screen the other side (Podcast and Chill) I think the quality of the camera is not doing justice. I would date you.”

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