‘I am no longer in a wheelchair’ – Actor Israel Zulu assures Mzansi

‘I am no longer in a wheelchair’ – Actor Israel Zulu assures Mzansi

‘I am no longer in a wheelchair’ – Actor Israel Zulu assures Mzansi

THE news that Israel Matseke-Zulu left the cast of Gomora due to ill health has left his fans worried.

But the actor, who plays the role of Don on Mzansi Magic’s hit series, has assured everyone that he’s recovering well.

“I am thankful for the kind messages and prayers, but people should not worry about me too much.

I am recovering well at home and receiving the best medical attention,” he said.

“I am no longer in a wheelchair. I use crutches to walk around, which is a sign that I’m getting better.”

Israel, who has been in the entertainment industry for decades, said he was in Mpumalanga with his family.

“They have been very supportive of my condition, which I believe has made my recovery smooth and fast.

“I am very grateful for them,” he said.

Israel told a local publication he had to leave the show because he had gangrene on his right leg.

“Towards the end when I was shooting my last scene, I was using a wheelchair to get on set,” he said, adding that gangrene usually affected people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions.

“I tested for these conditions but I was in the clear, to my surprise.

“I guess it’s a natural unforeseen circumstance and I didn’t want to ask any questions that would demoralise and lead to me having other issues such as depression, heart disease and stroke.”

Israel told the People’s Paper that although he was recovering well, he still couldn’t perform everyday tasks.

He said he didn’t know when fans would see him back on TV.

He thanked the cast and crew of the series for bearing with him until the end, when he was filming his last scenes.

“I’d also like to apologise to my fans for my exit. I hope you continue to support the show, especially young actors doing their best to make it exciting,” Israel said.

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