Huge blow for Faith Nketsi as her Chanel bags that cost R100 000 each stolen

Huge blow for Faith Nketsi as her Chanel bags that cost R100 000 each stolen

Huge blow for Faith Nketsi as her Chanel bags that cost R100 000 each stolen

Pissed influencer and reality TV star, Faith Nketsi took to Twitter to reveal that someone sole two of her Chanel bags and hopes he/she doesn’t sell them for peanuts.

“Whoever stole 2 of my Chanel bags, I pray you know the value. I hope you didn’t sell them for peanuts.”

One Chanel bag can cost anything from R100k.

This comes after Faith opened up about her experience giving birth.
Faith Nketsi-Njilo shares her baby Sky Njilo with her businessman husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

Taking to social media, Faith Nketsi-Njilo relayed some of the trying times during her pregnancy, as well as delivery.

While it may have appeared that she had it easy, the new mom spills the contrary. Faith Nketsi-Njilo spills n challenges and difficulties she faced when giving birth to baby Sky Njilo.

“My birthing experience was horrifying. I remember begging for a c-section at 8cm dilated,I still don’t understand why they didn’t do it. Upside: I’m happy I did it naturally, I was up and about like nothing happened the next day. 2nd baby I’m definitely opting for a c-section” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Faith adds that she may have given birth to a beautiful baby, Sky. However, she is still be traumatized from the whole experience.

“26hrs in labor is enough to make me never ever want to go through that again. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day, who knows. But right now I might still be traumatized hey” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Faith has been a baller for years, she revealed to her followers sometime back that she bought her first car when she was still a teenager.

“From dancing, well twerking. I remember it was about 60k and I saved up, I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get a license. I got it at 1 in June, my birthday is on the 30th of December, on the 3rd of January when I was officially 18 I did my learners and I passed first go and soon after that I got my license. Was I not excited? I would drive any and everywhere. Fun fact, now I hate driving.”

Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo have become SA’s most-talked-about couple.

Although many questions were asked seeing how controversial Faith Nketsi’s past is, many people on social media wanted to know what caught Nzuzo’s attention when he pursued Faith and also how they met.

Taking to her Instagram stories recently, Faith Nketsi revealed that it was actually love at first sight.

The couple was a match made by her best friend and reality television star Kim Kholiwe who was an acquaintance of Njilo. Faith said he showed interest and so her friend, Kim, made things happen. Kim said the way he looked at her when they did finally meet, melted her whole heart.

“It was definitely by default. He would tell her that he liked me. Kim told me once in passing and we moved on. When he finally got the chance to talk to me himself without really saying that much, I melted at the way he looked at me. Then all was history after that night,” she said.

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