Sithelo Shozi mocked following Tamia Mpisane’s stunning homecoming

Sithelo Shozi mocked following Tamia Mpisane’s stunning homecoming

Sithelo Shozi mocked following Tamia Mpisane’s stunning homecoming

Social media is doing all it can to see Sithelo Shozi breathing through the wound one way or the other. This comes after her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Andile Mpisane and his wife Tamia Mpisane are in celebratory mood after they have welcomed their bundle of joy.

No matter how happy Sithole Shozi comes across, however, tweeps never fail to remind her of flourishing relationship her ex-boyfriend and baby is having with his new wife Tamia Mpisane. Social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has called out Sithelo Shozi for almost stealing the thunder of the new bundle of joy of her then-boyfriend Andile and wife Tamia Mpisane.

While Andile and Tamia Mpisane welcome their bundle of joy, Sithelo Shozi was having a good old time, sipping on her favorite beverage. Seeing this as a way of raining of the Mpisane’s bundle of joy, Musa Khawula has named and shamed Sithelo Shozi for not playing nice.

“Tamia Mpisane just had the most extravagant baby welcoming meanwhile Sithelo Shozi is sharing her favorite drink with her followers” wrote Musa Khawula.

Other tweeps have thrown in their two cents in Sithelo Shozi’s situation, where they feel as though she really tried to compete with the welcoming of the new bundle of joy by the Mpisane’s. Sad reality is that, whenever Andile and his wife Tamia Mpisane are trending, Sithelo Shozi will inevitable fall collateral.

No matter how much Sithelo Shozi is trying to live her best life with her kids, her detriment will always remain the Mpisane’s. Taking to social media, tweeps have gathered to dissect and scrutinize Sithelo Shozi after supposedly trying or not trying to steal the new bundle of joy’s festivities.

Truth be told, Sithelo Shozi have been called with all the names on the book for dating Andile Mpisane and even having a child with him even though Andile Mpisane’s age proved him to be a minor back then. Sithelo Shozi is still taking smokes and tweeps will stop at nothing calling her a predator and even nicknamed her ‘R Sthelly” which was in reference to international singer R Kelly for his bad deeds that landed him in jail.

One tweep put it blatantly and asked everyone not to forget that Sithelo Shozi is in fact a predator. “Kusizi lwethu, we shouldn’t forget that Sithelo is a predator” wrote @Nampree

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