How Gogo Maweni deals with trolls

How Gogo Maweni deals with trolls

How Gogo Maweni deals with trolls

Controversial reality TV star and sangoma, Gogo Maweni reveals how she deals with trolls. It is no news that some celebrities drag trolls and critics to the court, especially if a defamed statement is made against them.

However, the traditional healer revealed on her Instagram page that she deals with such people spiritually.

Gogo says when she is bored, she goes through comments, she chooses the rudest one; checks the person’s profile.

She then goes ahead to take a clear photo of the person, she prefers the one taken with one’s partner.

Maweni prints it out and attacks the person spiritually.

The revelation garnered mixed reactions, but many were not pleased with her.

“Since you are so powerful Maweni, how about you show us by dealing with Ramaphosa, load-shedding, missing children and women, crime, unemployment, poverty, sicknesses, the list goes on and on. Give us lotto numbers, Hollywood bets, cure aids, cure cancer, cure mental illnesses, wake up the dead. Please ma’am show us your power ka dintho Tse right,” a follower wrote.

“Ur powerful mama I love you just wish u can pick a picture n make someone find a job, change lives, I wish ur powerfulness one day can change someone’s life for better,” another wrote.


How Gogo Maweni deals with trolls

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