Hollywood celebs who are actually South Africans – Photos

Hollywood celebs who are actually South Africans – Photos

Hollywood celebs who are actually South Africans – Photos

South African celebrities have been known to make it in the International scene. Did you know that these Hollywood celebrities are actually South Africans?

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Bandt

The 39-year-old actress known for her role as the demon, Mazikeen in Lucifer was born in Capetown. She is fluent in Africans. Her family moved to New Zealand from Capetown when she was 18. She landed her first TV role in New Zealand and grew her career from there.

Sasha Pieterse

Hollywood celebs who are actually South Africans – Photos

The Pretty little liars star’s surname may be a massive giveaway that she is originally from South Africa. Sasha was born in Johannesburg in the year 1996. When she was 5years old in 2001, her family relocated to Las Vegas. Her parents were in an acrobatic dance team, so she was homeschooled and graduated at 14 years. Sasha started her TV career at 4, doing modelling and being featured in commercials.

Charlize Theron

The actress was born in born in 1975 in Benoni, Gauteng province (then Transvaal province). She was born to an alcoholic father who abused her and her mother, and her mom shot and killed her father in self-defence. At 16, she started modelling and then moved with her mother to Milan. They moved to the States, where she struggled for some time before she met talent agent John Crosby in a bank after the teller had refused to cash her cheque. Crosby then introduced Charlize to acting school, and then her acting career began. Her first language is Afrikaans.

Troye Sivan

Hollywood celebs who are actually South Africans – Photos

This musician was born in Johannesburg to a model and an estate agent. He grew up in Perth, Australia, in a Jewish family. Troye started his music career in 2006, and Troye was a finalist in StarSearch 2007. He is also an actor and starred in X-men Origins: Wolverine as young James Howlet.

Adhir Kalyan

This actor, who is best known for his role in rules of engagement, was born in Durban. Before he moved to London in 2005 to pursue his career, he had already started acting in his home country. He was featured in theatre productions of Oliver Twist and Macbeth. From there, he landed several TV roles in shows like Rules of engagement, No strings attached, Second chance, etc.

There are other Hollywood celebrities who are South African making it in the industry like Trevor Noah, Dave Bailie, etc.

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