Model Ayanda Thabethe dragged after mocking American rapper Jay-Z

Model Ayanda Thabethe dragged after mocking American rapper Jay-Z

Model Ayanda Thabethe dragged after mocking American rapper Jay-Z

Model and TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe has hit back at those who say she hates her natural hair after taking to Twitter with some fashion advice for Jay-Z.

What may have been an innocent suggestion of a haircut left Twitter unimpressed.

After Jay-Z and Beyoncé had tongues wagging after an exclusive photoshoot with Tiffany & Co, many were abuzz about the looks pulled off by the power couple, and the controversial Tiffany Yellow Diamond that had many up in arms.

However, Ayanda weighed in Jay-Z’s latest free-forming dreadlocks hairdo that seemed to be the centre of attention for the media personality.

Getting a thumbs down, Ayanda took to Twitter to say Jay-Z should consider cutting his hair.

“But Jay-Z needs to cut his hair no ways,” she wrote.

This lead to much backlash from Twitter users.

Some felt that Ayanda was hating on Jay-Z’s natural hair as she was not proud of wearing “her own”

However, the star didn’t take the comments lying down. Directly responding to the tweeps, Ayanda said that she loves her own hair and other hairstyles. She also reassured the user that her hair is in good condition and her hairline is intact.

“No offence sis but I’m one of those people who actually loves wearing my own hair, as I do other hairstyles. My hairline is intact and my hair is healthy. Hope that puts you at ease,” said Ayanda.

She went on to lambaste those who say that her hair is thin from wearing weaves. Ayanda reminded her followers that wearing a weave doesn’t mean she hates her natural hair.

“This girl said my hair is thin … where hhayi, Twitter will have you arguing with weird people. Wearing a weave doesn’t automatically mean you don’t like your own hair …” she said.

She was also accused of believing that African hair natural and uncombed looks “dirty”. But Ayanda felt that in her opinion, the hairstyle isn’t a good look on the rapper and producer.

“No. Just because I don’t think this hairstyle suits him … opinion.” she wrote.

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