Here’s how the first BBNaija Lockdown Sunday live eviction show went down

Here’s how the first BBNaija Lockdown Sunday live eviction show went down

Here’s how the first BBNaija Lockdown Sunday live eviction show went down

Hosted by the ever-fashionable Ebuka Obi-Uchendu with DJ Neptune on hand to provide music, the first BBNaija Lockdown Sunday live eviction show kicked off with a bang, and was live-streamed on Showmax.

There was tension as the 20 housemates got dressed and waited for the live show to start after being made to believe there was a fake eviction. Luckily, there was no actual eviction, but in usual fashion, Ebuka grilled the housemates about their first week in the house, and also shared some new twists in the game with the audience.

Here’s what went down.

Ebuka’s outfit
Dressed by Vanskere, Ebuka came ready with his two-piece caftan. The swag king got social media buzzing with his outfit.

The fight between Lucy and Kaisha + Wathoni and Ka3na
After one of the games by the housemates, a fight broke out between Wathoni and Ka3na, and Ebuka started the love show by addressing this. Wathoni explained that she felt defeated by the altercation and that was why she cried. Ka3na explained that she can be a boss lady, which can sometimes be misconstrued. She, however, said she was working on herself and had apologised to Wathoni.

Ebuka also addressed the fight between Lucy and Kaisha. Lucy said Kaisha overreacted, while Kaisha said she felt Lucy picked a fight because of the tension and was looking for a way to trend. Ebuka also asked Praise, who was in the middle of the fight, and he said that he challenged Lucy because she was rude, but they are cool now. Kaisha also revealed that she apologised to Lucy for the things she said and they are also cool. Ever the sly host, Ebuka added “for now’’.

Relationships and possible “entanglements“

Within the past week, there have been growing relationships and possible “entanglements”. Clips of couples in the house including Neo and Vee and Lilo and Eric, as well as Nengi and Ozo, were shown and Ebuka went on to ask Ozo about his situation with Dora and Nengi. Ozo explained that Dora is his favourite person in the house and they are good friends, while he is attracted to Nengi. He added that he has made that clear to both of them. Ozo used words like “conjecture and innuendo’’ which drew reactions from fans.

Ebuka also asked Vee about Neo and she explained that they are just taking things slowly. She added that she likes his energy and spirit, which are the reasons she is comfortable and close to him. Ebuka teased her about her calling Neo “baby’’ and she insisted that it is just a pet name. Eric and Lilo were not left out as he teased them saying to Eric “say hello to Lilo”, but he did not probe them on their relationship. Ebuka also noted the fans’ interest in the Erica and Kiddwaya ship but said he was still observing them.

Tolani Baj
Some fans have complained about Tolani Baj keeping to herself and Ebuka addressed the issue by asking her if she thinks people are still staying in their shells in the house. Tolani explained that she is still observing, as it is her personality, but in the second week, she will open up and show herself more. Ebuka pointed out that no one is guaranteed to stay long in the house; learn to make the best out of every moment.

Cliques in the house
Ebuka asked Tochi if he thought there were any cliques in the house. Tochi confirmed it and mentioned the “couple clique” consisting of Eric and Lilo, and Neo and Vee. He referred to them as “the boo’d up” clique, adding “we, the single people, find it hard’’.

The week’s activities
There was a recap of the weekly wager which was the Know Yourself game. There were also recaps of the first Diary Session, Arena Game and the Saturday Night Party. The Know Yourself Game saw the housemates dividing into the guys’ team and the girls’ team. The reward for winning the wager with 30 points was an increase in shopping allowance. Unfortunately, while the guys won seven points and the girls won 10 points, they lost out on their wager.

The Diary Session saw the housemates give an insight on their chances of winning, with many playing it safe by saying it was a 50/50 shot. The first arena games which saw Nengi and Lilo get the furthest paid tribute to medical workers and lab scientists. Nengi and Lilo were awarded an extra 10 seconds while other housemates were penalized. There was also a recap of the Saturday Night Party which saw Ebuka personally congratulate Erica, Laycon, Brighto and Tolani Baj for providing the most entertainment. Ebuka also complained about the botched Truth or Dare game to the housemates, saying they “fell his hand’’.

Pressure on relationships
Ebuka asked Kiddwaya if he thought there was any pressure to be part of a relationship in the house and he disagreed. Tricky Tee was also asked the same question and he said there might be pressure for some people as they might feel left out.

New twist in the game
Ebuka revealed that every Monday after the Head of House games, all housemates will be up for eviction except for the HoH and deputy. Viewers will vote, while the housemates have the power to select who will be evicted from the show from the four housemates with the fewest votes.

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