Here’s how Murdah Bongz feels about DJ Zinhle’s relationship with AKA’s mother

Here’s how Murdah Bongz feels about DJ Zinhle’s relationship with AKA’s mother

Here’s how Murdah Bongz feels about DJ Zinhle’s relationship with AKA’s mother

DJ Zinhle‘s relationship with her baby daddy’s family, more especially Lynn Forbes, is one that confuses the general public. But Zinhle has maintained that she and Lynn remain very good friends despite having broken up with her son.

In the latest DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, Zinhle and Murdah discussed her trip to Los Angeles, and whether she would be taking Lynn Forbes with her. Zinhle went to LA with her seven-year-old daughter and her granny Lynn.

While discussing the trip, Murdah asked if Glammy will be tagging along because going with her would make things easier for Zinhle.

“So, is Glammy coming along? At least it will make things easier for you,” he asked.
Zinhle responded by saying, “100% because if it wasn’t Glammy it was going to be someone else.”

They then discussed Kairo Forbes and how she is apparently very demanding especially since Asante came into the picture.

“You know your child is very demanding,” said Murdah to Zinhle on the LA trip, saying having Lynn there would be easier for her.

“Kairo is so demanding, babe and she knows what she is doing,” said Zinhle. “Kairo is demanding a lot of attention and time from me,” she added. “Ever since the baby came. Kairo has been serving me baby!” she exclaimed. “She has become a brand new baby,” she added.

DJ Zinhle and Lynn are very close and Lynn is unapologetic about it, “My relationship with Zinhle is never going to change and neither will my relationship with Kiernan. I love them both dearly and I support both. They’re amazing kids. My relationship with Zinhle is never going to change.”

She recently opened up about how and why she considers Asante and Bongani family.

“I wouldn’t have Kairo if it wasn’t for Zinhle. Well, apart from the fact that Zinhle is an amazing human being. I have the utmost respect for Zinhle because she is the mother of my grandchild. Zinhle and I are almost like friends, we care deeply about each other.”

“Why do I love Bongani? Because he loves Zinhle,” she explained. “You can’t just love one person, you need to love all of them. To make a blended family work, you focus on the youngest children.”

Lynn recently mentioned her entire blended family on Instagram including AKA’s new girlfriend, Nadia Nakai.

“Raising a blended family, through many challenges, to live together in harmony and raise well-balanced, happy children, is not always easy but it’s possible when everyone works together, in the best interest of the youngest children in the family. Thank you mom @janet.reed2 for your never-ending love and teachings.”

“To the people who make this family possible, thank you. You each have your own family and nothing can ever take away from the importance of belonging to that family, that is most important and always will be. But today, in this moment, as we celebrate mother’s and family…this family, beautifully blended, is not possible without you and the energy you bring, to make us what we are …a family.”

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