Has Manaka Ranaka given birth?

Has Manaka Ranaka given birth?

Has Manaka Ranaka given birth?

While waiting to hear it from the horse’s mouth, News365.co.za together with concerned fans, have been left suspecting that the actress might have given birth after her latest post on Instagram.

Some confusing images of Generations actress, Lucy Diale, real name Manaka Ranaka have surfaced on social media, igniting rumours that she may have finally given birth.

A few weeks ago, Lucy took a four months maternity leave from the show as she wanted to start preparing for her baby. This suggested she was coming towards the last days before labour.

If her recent Instagram posts are anything to go by, Manaka Ranaka may have given birth not so long ago.

Her recent picture taken while seated on a sofa shows her without a baby bump.

Although she hid her abdomen with a folding hand fan, Ranaka is visible without a baby bump.

The 41-year-old outspoken actress who has been private with most part of her life has not yet confirmed if the rumour is true.

She had been expecting her third child with her current bae whose name still remains a mystery.

Generations: The Legacy revealed last month that the actress was going to be back for season 7 shoot of the SABC1 show which will be done beginning next year.

“I can confirm that Manaka is on maternity and will only return next year. However, fans can rest assured that she will definitely be back. There’s a big storyline that her character is involved in,” said Generations’ publicity manager, Nandipha Pantsi.

Concerning the pictures, a certain publication assumes she gave birth, chances are, they are old pictures she chose to share and not really during her postpartum period.

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