Gomora star Thembi Seete goes for anti-aging treatment

Gomora star Thembi Seete goes for anti-aging treatment

Gomora star Thembi Seete goes for anti-aging treatment

Acterss an musician Thembi Seete has gone for an anti-aging treatment. Her anti-aging journey has attracted different opinions. On Sunday she posted a photo of herself in a doctor’s room, purporting to be going under treatment.

According to her Instagram and Facebook post, the machine used helps to tighten loose and sagging skin, it also reduces wrinkles and shapes the body.

Gomora star Thembi Seete goes for anti-aging treatment

“I went for my first Anti Aging treatment with @drsandidyonase (Exilis and Peptide Resurfacer Peel). He makes use of a machine called Exilis Elite, which is the most advanced technology for tightening loose and sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and shaping the body. Peptides work to ensure your skin is indulged with proteins, providing a facial lifting, tightening and plumping experience. Skin will feel and look healthier and hydrated. This effective anti-ageing treatment gives your skin a hard-core workout while you simply relax, enjoy and reap the benefits. Skincare is part of my healthy lifestyle. It is a pretty well-known fact that you will feel better when you look better,” she wrote.

Her industry friends including radio presenter, Dudu Khoza, Reality TV star Shaun Mkhize and actress Connie Chiume congratulated her.

Connie wrote: “Rea tla moo.”

Refilwe Modiselle wrote: “How delicious are you.”

But not everyone supported the anti-aging treatment. Some of her fans felt she was against God’s creation.

Eliphas Hoto Makuru wrote: “And I thought you are naturally cute mxm disappointed, please God there won’t be another Winnie Mandela or how in this world.”

Sulaman D’ bouy wrote: “Whether you fight it or not. Age will finally catch up with you. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO CHANGE. THEN CHANGE WILL CHANGE YOU. That’s the cycle of life.”

Aloysius Khwinana wrote: “Anti-ageing means disagreeing with ageing @all..meaning u have or had wrinkles!! Anyway you can afford.”

In another Facebook post, Lebogang Kgongwane advised her to rather use the money for education: “Thembi’s still very young, only 44 and thinks of taking treatments to change her skin….The best treatment is gym,, drinking lots of water to improve the pigment of the skin….It’s better she spends this treatment money on kids who want to study,” she advised.

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