#Gomora: Ntobeko Sishi(Ntokozo) pulls a Jub Jub on his father

#Gomora: Ntobeko Sishi(Ntokozo) pulls a Jub Jub on his father

#Gomora: Ntobeko Sishi(Ntokozo) pulls a Jub Jub on his father

South African television viewers have taken to social media to applaud Ntokozo, played by Ntobeko Sishi on Gomora for the excellent job he has done at stopping his father from cheating.

Season two of Gomora has seen Melusi cheat on his wife with his high school love Thati. The two have been sneaking around like teenagers, leaving Mulusi’s pregnant wife stressed about his whereabouts.

After being caught, Gladys finally made peace and forgave him on the condition that he does not do it again. But that promise hasn’t lasted that long as he is talking to Thati again. After agreeing that they will continue with the affair, Ntokozo found out about this on his father’s phone and since then, he had been trying everything possible to stop him in his tracks. He goes to school with him, eats his lunch with him and as soon as school is out he is by his father’s door.

This has left Thati confused as Melusi, or as she refers to him – Mel – keep missing their dates. Well, Gladys has Ntokozo to thank has he has kept an eye on his dad. Have a look at some of the reactions from social media.

Ntobeko Sishi is just a talented actor, but also a great musician. In 2020 he released his hit single IDC. Speaking about the record, he said that he had the idea when he was still working as an investment banker. The song was inspired by Canadian rapper Drake.

“It’s a melody that was inspired by a Drake song, and he’s one of my biggest influences. At the time I was going rough a rough break up and I decided to write about it.” He said.

Sishi grew up in Durban. That is where he developed his love for the arts. He holds two degrees from the University of Cape Town – holds a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and finance and also post-graduate honours in Entrepreneurship. He graduated at the beginning of this year.

Chatting about where he sees himself in the next couple of years, he revealed that he would like to see the Entertainment industry in South Africa grow, hence he studied finance. He wants to use the knowledge and skill he obtained to contribute to the betterment of the game. His overall plan is to create a sustainable industry for creatives in the continent.

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