SHE dances, laughs, sings and cooks – and at 110 years of age she’s two years older than the ANC!

Kedibuo Moseki from Bodibe Village, outside Lichtenburg in North West, was born on 5 March 1910. Villagers call her Ben 10 because she does things a much younger person would do.

“I’m old but I’m smart. I can remember things and you can’t fool me easily,” she said.

Gogo said when she was young she was a good singer and led a band.

“People used to cry just to hear me sing and watch me dance,” she said, showing off some of her dance moves.

She is not fussy with food but prefers locusts over meat.

“They taste nicer and it was the only meat we had growing up. I still love it, especially the red ones,” she said.

Her husband died 25 years ago, leaving her with eight children and 22 grandchildren.

“Now I have countless great-grandchildren. I’ve lived to see two generations after me and making babies of their own.”

Gogo Kedibuo built her own house.

“It was easy. I only needed help with the roof. I built the foundation and the walls myself,” she said.

“I hear children talk about RDP houses. I don’t have that, but I’m thankful that I have a shelter.”

She didn’t know if God set a time for every human being to die.

“But I don’t feel like I’m going to die anytime soon. I can do everything my grandchildren can do,” she said.

Her son Sekaboshang (76) said: “I’m old and frail but she is still young. I want to bury her instead of her burying me.”

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