Gogo Maweni’s dream about late Namhla Mtwa

Gogo Maweni’s dream about late Namhla Mtwa

Gogo Maweni’s dream about late Namhla Mtwa

While the whole of Mzansi is still in complete shock at the tragic death of Namhla Mtwa allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend. Our resident sangoma Gogo Maweni has had the most wildest dream where she was visited by Namhla Mtwa.

Mzansi is still in moaning over the sad and tragic death of Namhla Mtwa from Umthatha in the Eastern Cape. Namhla Mtwa was allegedly shot by her boyfriend of 17 years at her driveway recently. Social media has been up in arms following the news that has surfaced over Namhla Mtwa’s death. Social media is splashed with photos and videos of the late Namhla Mtwa depicting the violence she endured leading to her passing.

Our resident sangoma Gogo Maweni has taken to social media to share the wildest dream she had, probably last night of the late Namhla Mtwa. In the dream, Gogo Maweni relays how Namhla Mtwa came to her in a dream to deliver a message.

“Wow the chills…lastnight I had a visitor, Namhla hiding behind a smile, she said “he is obsessed with the idea of revenge,he owns me…”Please let us help her crossover light a white candle in short prayer may she not suffer even after her death,” wrote Gogo Maweni.

Social media is sent into a frenzy over Gogo Maweni revelations, while tweeps have urged her to get involved while bringing Namhla Mtwa’s alleged perpetrator to justice spiritually and traditionally. Gogo Maweni has been entrusted by tweeps following the drama that once transpired between her and baby daddy Sthembiso SK Khoza where she wasn’t shy to admit that she may or may not have had a hand in his spiraling out of control episodes recently.

Taking to social media, tweeps have rallied behind Gogo Maweni while urging her to use her spiritual and traditional powers to make things right for the late Namhla Mtwa.

In the same breath, some tweeps have deducted Gogo Maweni’s dream and vision as clout chasing during this ordeal that has happened to Namhla Mtwa. Some tweeps are really not buying to what Gogo Maweni is selling as they have blatantly called her out and claimed she is using this time for her own personal gain.

Namhla Mtwa was laid to rest yesterday and there has not been any arrest made against her alleged abuser and murderer. The suspect is known to be a well connected businessman and a member of African National Congress.

South Africa Police Services as well as President Cyril Ramaphosa have experienced the wrath, outrage and anger of the whole of Mzansi on social medial while people are demanding justice for the late Namhla Mtwa.

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