‘God help us’: DJ Zinhle opens up about Kairo crying for AKA

‘God help us’: DJ Zinhle opens up about Kairo crying for AKA

‘God help us’: DJ Zinhle opens up about Kairo crying for AKA

It has been eight months since the passing of talented South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. The musician was gunned down outside a restaurant in February this year just a few days after he turned 35. His death hit his millions of fans very hard but it is his family who have suffered the most.

On Sunday this week, Zinhle Jiyane, his ex-girlfriend and mother to his only child Kairo Forbes shared a touching post about having to comfort Kairo when she misses her dad.

Many South Africans are still mourning the passing of late rapper AKA.

For his family, this has been the hardest eight months as they are forced to carry on living a life without him.

His “baby momma” DJ Zinhle recently opened up about how hard it is to comfort their daughter Kairo when she cries for her dad who will never be returning.

“You will never understand the pain in my heart when my child is crying because she’s missing her dad. God help us,” she posted on her Instagram Stories on Sunday 15 October.

She also shared a touching video of herself giving Kairo a long and comforting hug. Take a look below:

The post left many feeling truly sad for Kairo who had a loving relationship with her father. Many of them sharing kind words with both the mother and child.

Others however slammed Zinhle for taking a video of the touching moment and accused her of chasing clout.

“I’m just imagining this!! The child started crying, tells mom she misses her dad, and mom quickly sets up a video or asks someone to take a video then started comforting her child. Hey akunzima,” one person said while another wrote:

“turning Mega’s death and the kid’s grieving into content is wild”

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