Generations The Legacy Secrets Revealed:You Did Not See This Coming

Generations The Legacy Secrets Revealed:You Did Not See This Coming

Generations The Legacy Secrets Revealed:You Did Not See This Coming

Did Tshidi’s child really die? Is Kumkani (played by Vuyo Dabula) never coming back to Generations? Will Tau Mogale not return to the show? Every once in a while, you have to dig deep to find the truth.

First of all, actors take a hiatus from soapies all the time and come back. Tshidi left the show when she needed a break and resumed her role. Vuyo Dabula isn’t permanently leaving Generations, but he’s taking a break to pursue his other interests, film in particular. The set isn’t the same for him because he and Rapulana were tight on-screen and off-screen. Vuyo made history alongside Pearl Thusi by being a part of Africa’s first successful Netflix hit film’ Queen Sono and with Netflix approving a sequel, he’ll be busy shooting that, along with his other upcoming movies and TV shows.

Vuyo is talented and has a robust physique; he’s every casting director’s dream. So the whole Kabisi and Tshidi love story is definitely going to be short-lived. Mr and Mrs Moroka lack chemistry, connection, because Tshidi is faking it, even if she genuinely loved him, Kabisi Moroka isn’t a heartthrob and he’s not good on the eye as compared to Kumkani.

The show is going into a new direction because they are losing their heavyweight actors, and they have to make do with what they have left.

Second of all, Tshidi’s baby isn’t dead. She had to make him look dead so that Jack Mabaso can back off. Tshidi had to pull off the performance of a lifetime so that Jack Mabaso could erase all memories and thoughts of his son. Did Jack even request a post mortem investigation to find out what really led to the demise of his son? If they take the matter further, chances are Tshidi will outmanoeuvre him again and pay off some unethical Doctor.

It’s only a matter of time until she starts disappearing for the weekend or elopes on holidays, to go spend some time with her son. With Jack off her trail, she’ll be able to spend time with her son without being a target and yes, she will divorce Kabisi because she doesn’t need him anymore.

She is going to spend her days moping around, waiting for Kumkani to come back. Remember when he confessed his undying love for her and she never denied her feelings for him?

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