Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane’s tlof tlof with Robert Marawa and Lebo M: New details

Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane’s tlof tlof with Robert Marawa and Lebo M: New details

Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane's tlof tlof with Robert Marawa and Lebo M: New details

Former Generations: The Legacy actress Zoe Mthiyane has opened up about the highs and lows of raising children with Robert Marawa and Lebo M.

Zoe Mthiyane fell pregnant twice after enjoying tlof tlof with both sports presenter Robert Marawa and The Lion LKing producer Lebo Morake. The actress therefore has a child with these two celebrities.

Zoe says motherhood can be incredibly challenging for a career-driven and ambitious woman. However, she says raising her children gives her the drive to be the best version of herself.

“I would describe parenting with Robert Marawa as respectful. Our families and close friends have played a major role in creating and maintaining a safety net around our son, and for that I will forever be grateful. He [the boy] is lucky,” says Mthiyane.

She says it is a different story trying to co-parent with Lebo M.

“Parenting with Lebo M is impossible. We had to find ways to cope with that fact. However, I am lucky to have had intensive therapy, valuable advice and support to lean on. I practice gentle parenting as I learned early on that each child is born with their own personality.”

Lebo M, real name Lebohang Morake of the Broadway hit Lion King fame, the internationally acclaimed composer and producer, and Mthiyane broke off their engagement in 2016, “amid disagreements over a pre-nuptial agreement”.

“I have been doing well since 2016, having escaped an incredibly toxic situation in which I was required to navigate a well-orchestrated smear campaign organised by somebody I loved and trusted… that situation helped tutor me to better understand my own power.”

She later got into a relationship with fellow actor Rapulana Seiphemo but the relationship too fell apart amid allegations of infidelity. Shortly after the break up, she left Generations: The Legacy, where she co-starred with Seiphemo.

“Since leaving Generations, I have featured in a Charlie Vundla movie, Hotel on the Koppies, which was recently released on Amazon. I have also had the opportunity to travel, do live performances and put my music hat on.

“Exiting Generations was a difficult decision but necessary as I had started to regress in my efforts to remain consistent in my growth and mental health.

“I was finding it difficult to counter the resistance coming my way from some people. With that I say, I am grateful for the growth and confidence I gained from portraying Zitha and I am truly grateful to the writers, producers and viewers whose support gave me the confidence to expand as a storyteller.”

Asked if she is back on the dating scene, Mthiyane simply says she is not looking at entering a new relationship any time soon. “My energy and focus lie elsewhere.”

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