Gay Lasizwe shares first pic of his beautiful daughter

Gay Lasizwe shares first pic of his beautiful daughter

Unscripted television star and YouTuber Lasizwe shares first photos of his “little girl”, leaving tweeps confounded, once more. Taking to Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday, the “gushing father” imparted a snap of himself to his little girl, alongside an endearing inscription: “The best blessing I would ever request, I love my little girl to such an extent! #DaddysGirl.

This isn’t the first run through, Lasizwe, who is famously known for his YouTube productions, started bits of gossip about being a dad. In March, the star shared a picture of himself conveying an infant in his arms via web-based networking media. “Much obliged to you for picking me to be your dad,” he subtitled the post.

While fans began to test about the child, the 21-year-old online life sensation, hit back with a firm articulation, he stated: “Jeezzz, Guys! I didn’t commit an error when I was composing the inscription.

At that point, the updates on Lasizwe turning into a “father” gathered blended responses and Twitter is by and by astounded by this most recent post.

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