Former Scandal actor Mbulelo Katise ventures into music

Former Scandal actor Mbulelo Katise ventures into music

Former Scandal actor Mbulelo Katise ventures into music

Actor Mbulelo Katise has ventured into music and is enjoying every minute.

The former Scandal! actor’s taken a break from acting and released his debut EP, The Warm Up last month.

Mbulelo, whose stage name is MacLoud, started making music in 2018.

He told SunBuzz: “I’ve always loved music, but I was always scared to pursue it. I was trying to sideline it and do things like manage artists and write songs for people. And finally in 2018, I decided to go with it.

“I threw myself in the deep end. I went to a radio interview, and they asked why I don’t do music and I said the next time I come for an interview, I’ll come with a new song. And my next interview with them was in a matter of months. So, I had to start working. That’s how everything started.”

Since then, Mbulelo has been working on music leading up to the release of his EP.
“It’s a seven-track compilation of different sounds I experimented with. There’s a bit of R&B, old school hip hop, kwaito and more. I mixed it up because I’m trying to give people a taste of everything before I commit myself to an album,” he said.

“So far, the reception has been really good. The love is much better than I expected. Now I’m working on music videos.”

The last time he was on TV was in 2019 in Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story.

He is studying film and TV at Tshwane University of Technology.

“I’m not trying to commit myself to something full time yet, and that’s why I’ve taken a break from acting. I’ve been at film school for quite a while and I’m about to graduate. I wanted to pursue a career as writer and director. I’ve been delaying it because of acting and I decided to focus on that, so I get it out of the way.”

Mbulelo’s working on a short film called The Boers.

“It is an Afrikaans show inspired by an American show I watched. I figured I could change a few things and write my own version of the film. It’s coming out soon.”

MacLoud is touring Pretoria for his EP and is planning to visit other provinces soon.

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