Former president Jacob Zuma congratulates himself for 5 achievements under his presidency

Former president Jacob Zuma congratulates himself for 5 achievements under his presidency

Previous president Jacob Zuma has praised himself for work all around done during the nine years that he drove government somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2018.

To a limited extent three of the Zooming with Zumas YouTube unscripted TV drama, Zuma said it was deceptive for anybody to portray his residency at the Union Buildings as “nine squandered years”.

Reacting to an inquiry from his child Duduzane, who is the host of the show, Zuma featured five territories which he believes were an incredible accomplishment under his administration.

National Development Plan (NDP)

Zuma said the NDP was his brainchild to take SA higher than ever.

Regardless of whether the NDP was being actualized the manner in which he had imagined was an alternate issue all together, he stated, yet what made a difference was that the nation had a formative diagram under his initiative.

“It was during this time the nation just because had the National Development Plan which was never there,” said Zuma.

“It is an alternate issue whether we are actualizing it as far as I could tell yet at any rate we have an arrangement, you can’t state that is exercise in futility.”


Zuma accepts that the legislature changed the training fortunes of the nation significantly under his stewardship.

The plan to part the branch of instruction into two, one for fundamental instruction and another for advanced education and preparing, which was presented after the 2009 general races was purposeful, he said.

Prior to this move, said Zuma, matric results were destroyed.

Said Zuma: “I presented the fundamental training office since I said if the establishment of a researcher isn’t firm, it will be a theory whether the matric results are positive or negative this year.

“Today, the issue of the matric pass is not, at this point a conjecture, it is a conviction and this is the thing that I did. At the point when this office was starting to level the ground, a few confidants came and said they didn’t concur with it from the outset when I presented it, yet they currently concur.”

Rustic turn of events

The division of provincial advancement was additionally presented in 2009.

Zuma said the vision behind it was to improve the lives of rustic society and he accepts that a great deal of ground was canvassed in such manner.

“Individuals who got help and backing from this office … win in various zones,” he said.

“Rather than guessing about rustic turn of events, we made a particular division to manage it.”

Appropriation of ARVs

Zuma says a ton of lives were spared when government at long last consented to obtain antiretrovirals (ARVs) to battle HIV following quite a while of purported “denialism” by his antecedent Thabo Mbeki.

“At the point when I came in, I actualized that and changed the lives of individuals,” said Zuma.

“On the off chance that you state these nine years were squandered, that is the greatest deceptive nature.”


As indicated by Zuma, when SA formally turned into an individual from the Brics monetary alliance of nations – contained Brazil, Russia, India, China and SA – there was a greater vision to all the more likely position the nation at a geopolitical level.

The production of the Brics Development Bank, in addition to other things, he stated, was to empower SA to take credits for its advancement motivation with preferable terms and conditions over the IMF and the World Bank.

“We were moving far with our joining the Brics gathering of nations which built up a bank as large as the banks that you have [IMF and World Bank],” he said.

“On the off chance that we used that relationship, we would not be crying about absence of assets since we knew precisely where we were going.

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