Forbes family wants justice for AKA

Forbes family wants justice for AKA

Forbes family wants justice for AKA

AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes says she is patient with police investigations into the murder of her son and that she’s receiving regular updates.

Forbes says she wants justice, as do her son’s legion of fans.

Rapper and music producer Kiernan Forbes was shot and killed outside a Durban restaurant in February along with friend and celebrity chef Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

No arrests have yet been made, although police say they have made progress on the case.

“I think all of this is bigger than Kiernan and bigger than the Forbes family. So when the Megacy asks for justice for AKA I know they are asking for justice for the whole country and I support them wholeheartedly,” Forbes said.

“There’s an investigation ongoing and because it’s ongoing, we can’t even — if they have information — they can’t share information that will jeopardize the investigations.

“But we are updated on regular investigations.”

Forbes said the investigators told the family that they are making progress.

“I don’t want to rush them, Keenan is gone for me and nothing rushed will bring him back,” she said.

“So I’m allowing the investigation to run its course. But as far as a country, we have some real issues to address.”

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