Ferguson Films confirms Dineo Langa won’t be part of ‘The Queen’ season 5

Ferguson Films confirms Dineo Langa won't be part of 'The Queen' season 5

In a statement sent to TshisaLIVE, Connie said due to the influx of new characters joining the show, some of the current characters would not be returning.

Unfortunately for Kea’s fans, the axe got to her.

“All The Queen season four contracts are ending on May 31. We have a new crop of actors carrying the story for season 5, so not everyone will be returning, including Kea and Jerry.”

Kea formed part of the original cast of the popular show and played Connie’s on-screen daughter. Connie said the manner in which Kea would exit would surprise many. but it was an important element of the plot.

Mzansi’s fave RoboCop, as his fans call him, is also permanently exiting the show.

“We can’t speak about how we exit the characters because that element of surprise is important. What we can say is that the exit of the character Kea is what ignites the series of events that follow, and propels the main story arc for season 5.

“Jerry will also be exiting the show. New life will be injected in the Tembisa world, with a lot of plot twists and surprises,” says executive producer Connie.

Co-producer and actor Shona expressed his sadness about bidding farewell to Jerry Maake. He has previously shared that the character was inspired by his late father.

“I loved playing Jerry Maake. He stands out as one of my favourite characters.

“The character was inspired by my late father, pastor PH Ferguson, so he will always be dear to my heart. I’m sad to say goodbye to him, but I’m looking forward to focusing my energy behind the scenes and developing more content for our beloved viewers and supporters,” he said.


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