Feeling anxious during lockdown? Makgotso M has some advice for you

Feeling anxious during lockdown? Makgotso M has some advice for you

Actress Makgotso M, like many of us, has had a bit of a downer since the start of the 21-day lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The star took to Instagram recently to share with her followers that they are not the only ones who are going through the most during this trying time.

“For the past two weeks I have been feeling very down, I have not been motivated to do anything, especially after my trip. I had to force myself to do some things and I felt very lazy,” she admitted.

She shared her coping mechanism and told her fans that since they have plenty of time on their hands, they need to carefully guard their thoughts.

“During the lockdown, you have a lot of time to be with your thoughts, and that can be a very dark place.”

Makgotso said people need to renew their minds by checking what they are thinking about.

“Watch and listen to things that will uplift and encourage you and things that will get you to the right frame of mind. Once the mind is defeated, you are defeated, because if you lose your mind what do you have? I want to encourage everyone to look after their minds and that’s very important.”

Makgotso shared that what keeps her going during the lockdown is spending time with the word of God and constant prayer.

“My mind is full of the content that I’m constantly looking at all the time, especially during this difficult time. We have goals and things that we want to achieve physically, emotionally and spiritually, so let’s use this time to do that.”

The actress encouraged her fans to make friends on the internet and pleaded with them not to isolate themselves mentally.

“Let’s use this time to be comfortable with people, talk with people and stay connected at all times. I would like to send a shout-out to the doctors, nurses, soldiers and people who are working at supermarkets, and every person who is still out there serving the public. I pray for God’s protection upon your lives.”

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