Fans want Nasty C girl to explain why she went to A-Reece’s party

Fans want Nasty C girl to explain why she went to A-Reece's party

A video of Nasty C’s better half Sammie sticking to A-Reece’s music as of late caused turmoil on Twitter lanes as Nasty’s faithful fans felt Sammie has no “option” to appreciate music made by a man who is her beau’s enemy.

In the video that overwhelmed the course of events not long ago, Sammie can be seen vibing to A-Reece’s hit track Paradise while the muso performs live out of sight.

A fan from #TeamAreece chose the video was incredible ammo to use against #TeamNastyC fans.

“On the off chance that Nasty C young lady would vibe be able to like that to Reece music, at that point who are Nasty C’s fans?” the video was inscribed.

Sammie took to her Instagram stories to put any misinformation to rest.

“Individuals don’t feel good with me tuning in to other rappers’ music or me enjoying their music or me being available at their f***** appear… Individuals simply have issues OK,” she said.

“Be that as it may, it’s fine. It’s alright, I will tune in to my rapper’s music and just my rapper’s music. What’s more, it’s fine. I won’t tune in to different rappers or go to their shows. It’s fine, I won’t tune in to their music, or download their music. I won’t tail them on Instagram or like their tweets. I won’t see their names on Twitter since I will hinder their names. Since gracious my gosh, my telephone had this present individual’s name, God f***** orbid,” she said wryly.

Check the video underneath.

Sammie, who is Nasty C’s long time sweetheart, likewise conceded she felt the world knew an excessive amount of about her relationship with her rapper bae.

What’s more, Nasty C having rapped about undermining her didn’t make things any simpler.

Sammie opened up about how she was generally irritated by the individuals who disclosed to her she ought to have anticipated that Nasty C should cheat since he’s a rapper, and that is obviously what “rappers do”.

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