Expensive SA Influencers And How Much They Earn

Expensive SA Influencers And How Much They Earn

Widespread use of social media birthed the influencer game into life, and companies splash a lot of money to get the marketing services of influencers who managed to command substantial social media following. Influencers have earned as much respect as artists and athletes.

Lesego Legobane(@thickleeyonce)

Instagram: 785,00 followers

Twitter: 257.500 followers

Lesego Legobane, popularly known as Thickleeyonce, is a photographer, plus-size model, and body-positive activist who owns her own clothing store Leebex.

Thickleeyonce charges R15 000 – R20 000 to post a fashion campaign on her social media handles. She scored an R250 000 deal with fashion company Calvin Klein in 2020.

Her current deal with beverage company Vawter Seltzer will see her pocket R330 000 in six months and a monthly brand ambassador salary of R18 000 for six months.

Last year, Legobane disclosed that she had been hired as an influencer for Rihanna’s Savage+Fenty lingerie collection. However, she later chastised the business on Twitter for not paying her; the tweet was later deleted and followed up with a remark, “PAY INFLUENCERS CREATING IS HARD WORK”.

Sarah Langa (@saralanga)

Instagram: 595,000 followers

Twitter: 89 200 followers

Sarah Langa, a marketing and advertising guru, is an Academia studying Master in Marketing specializing in E-commerce and Data management. Langa is a close friend of fellow influencer Kefilwe Mabote; she earned her first paid job in 2015 at Woolworths. However, she has regularly responded to criticism by emphasizing her academic accomplishments, which she cites on her Instagram account.

In 2020 she signed a mega two year deal with Dior valued at R1.9 million and significant performance bonuses.

Her biggest deal so far was signed with a luxurious supercar dealer Daytona the sole importers and dealers of top-of-the-range and exquisite supercars, including Aston Martin, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and Pagani. Sarah Langa signed a R5 million two-year contract and commission per successful sale; her contract includes sponsored holidays and shopping sprees to maintain her expensive status.

Mihlali Ndamase (@mihlalii-n)

Instagram: 1.5 million followers

Twitter: 902 600 followers

YouTube: 355 00 subcribers

Multi-Award Winning Content Creator Mihlali Ndamase is the epitome of influencers and one of the most expensive to engage. Named in Forbes Africa magazine in Top 30 Youngest innovators and risk-takers, Mihlali charges a minimum fee of R35 000 per Instagram post and R64 000 per Instagram Video.

She moved into luxury and lifestyle content through sponsored agreements with Radisson Hotels and Marriott’s Protea Hotels.

Kefilwe Faith Mabote (@kefilwe-mabote)

Instagram: 1.2 million followers

Twitter: 92 000

Born in the township of Soweto in Johannesburg, Mabote last year published her autobiography “Kefilwe Mabote: Influencer De Luxe-From Soweto to Millan”, which is a guide to becoming an influencer. Kefilwe is the most expensive influencer in South Africa, her minimum charge per Instagram post is R65 000. Known for her glamourous style, she signed an R21 million deal with French-based Christian Dior.

Expensive SA Influencers And How Much They Earn

These South African Influencers charge ranking list is subject to change depending on demand and supply for advertising services.

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