Ex-Rhythm City actress Itumeleng Bokaba’s photos in underwear cause a stir

Ex-Rhythm City actress Itumeleng Bokaba’s photos in underwear cause a stir

Ex-Rhythm City actress Itumeleng Bokaba’s photos in underwear cause a stir

Former Rhythm City actress Itumeleng Bokaba has caused a storm on her social media platforms, drawing mixed feelings among fans and users.

This occurred after she uploaded photos in her underwear, sparking speculation about whether her Instagram account was compromised on Tuesday, 9 July.

The Joburg-based actress, renowned for her role as Mampho in Rhythm City, was surprised at the reaction, saying she had shared similar images before.

“I’ve even posted some of these photos on my Facebook before becoming famous,” Itumeleng said.

She aims to demonstrate to her followers progress in her weight loss journey and current glamorous state.

At 30, Itumeleng told the publication initial feedback was positive, aligning with her expectations from previous posts. She’s consistently shared her journey regarding weight, body, and mental health, hence feedback wasn’t unexpected.

Itumeleng shared that her body has always been a topic for discussion on social media.

“As a child, I struggled with people’s opinions, which were often harmful. Over the years, I’ve worked hard to create a boundary where my opinion of myself outweighs others,” she explained.

She expressed satisfaction with her self-image.

“I’ve been working on my body for years, both mentally and physically. I returned to the gym in October 2022,” she added.

While she appreciates positive feedback, her primary aim is self-expression and creating memories for her followers.

Shock from some was more puzzling than offensive, as she has always been open about her lifestyle.

Itumeleng noted that many assume she transformed her body quickly, but it was a gradual process. By the time people noticed, she had already been exercising for three months.

“If you want to change your body because of what someone else said or to please others, it’s not worth it. People will always have something to say,” she advised.

Emphasising the importance of self-care, Itumeleng added: “First, learn to love yourself and recognise your amazing qualities. Don’t sell yourself short or wait for others to permit you to feel good about yourself.”

The musician is also excited about her upcoming music projects.

“I have an Afro-beat single coming out soon. It’s a love song, reflecting my current lover-girl phase, which is exciting,” she said.

Itumeleng is eager to explore more of this sexiness through music.

“I’m at a point in my life where anything is possible. There are so many directions I could take, and even though I don’t know what’s next,” she concluded.

“I’m trying to take a step back from controlling everything. I’m allowing God and the universe to guide me to my next destination.”

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