Everything You need to know about Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane – #KwaMamKhize

Everything You need to know about Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane – #KwaMamKhize

Everything You need to know about Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu – #KwaMamKhize! They were one of South Africa’s power couples, but it all fell apart in a terrible divorce.

The news of Sbu Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize’s divorce became public knowledge back in 2018. Although it wasn’t clear why the power couple were divorcing, in the first episode of Kwa Mam’Mkhize, Shauwn shed light on one of the main reasons she decided to call it quits.

“I think the small problem that led my marriage to divorce was that Sbu loved himself. I also loved Sbu. So, no one cared for me. As time went by, in the process I ended up losing myself. Right now I’m trying to find myself and regain and find my identity,” she said.

A cop no more
At some point in his career, before delving deeper into a business partnership with his ex-wife, Sbu Mpisane was a metro police constable who was known in Durban as one of the richest cops in the city, courtesy of his ex-wife’s company.

He later resigned from his job with the police and joined Shauwn’s construction business, which has amassed millions of rands over the years.

Everything You need to know about Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane – #KwaMamKhize

Sbu’s relationship with his kids
Sbu’s two kids, Sbahle and Andile Mpisane, have their own views about their father. While Sbahle has painted Sbu as a loving and supportive dad, on several occasions Andile has painted a very different picture.

In a detailed Instagram post back in August 2019, Andile complained about Sbu’s role as a father and husband, calling him a liar and a cheat who had not spoken to his son for over two years.

He wrote, ‘The lies and the cheating that resulted in him fathering, at least four kids at this time outside of his marriage, that I am aware of… using her hard earned resources to maintain them. You see uMa, tried elevating her husband by setting him up with his own businesses, that she would still pump money into, because yet again, she couldn’t bare his emasculation, as self inflicted as it was… those have all since closed since their separation, as he ran them dry.

Yesterday, I bid farewell to the legacy uMa had set up for me. Yesterday I truly felt pain for my mother, who had endured 25 years of marriage with a sucker of her blood. As bitter as it was to let go of ROYAL EAGLES FOOTBALL CLUB, it was worth more to maintain the carefree spirit, with no anxiety I have seen on uMa since the separation from her husband. He is her husband, because he won’t grant her the wish to be divorced of him. He continues to slander her through media and gossip, yet she still maintains his life as he lives in HER property. Not paying a single utility bill.

Ownership of the family’s football club
In August 2019, Sbu was declared the sole owner of Royal Eagles FC, a football club that he and Shauwn founded in 2014.

A dispute over the ownership of the club occurred in the midst of their divorce process – Shauwn eventually resigned as part-owner of the club.

Shauwn and Andile now own Real Kings FC. In a Kwa Mam’Mkhize episode, their club competes in a match with her ex-husband’s football club.

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