Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety

Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety

US rapper Eminem recently celebrated a milestone: being sober for 12 years.

The Stan hit-maker took to Instagram to pen a short message to celebrate his achievement.

“Clean dozen, in the books! I’m not afraid,” he captioned a picture of a recovery pin with the number 12 on it.

According to MTV, in the 2013 documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs, Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, detailed how deep his addiction to drugs – and how they almost took his life.

“When I took my first Vicodin, it was like this feeling of ‘Ahh.’ Like everything was not only mellow, but [I] didn’t feel any pain,” Eminem says in the film. I don’t know at what point exactly it started to be a problem. I just remember liking it more and more. People tried to tell me that I had a problem. I would say ‘Get that f**king person outta here. I can’t believe they said that sh* to me. I’m not out there shooting heroin. I’m not f**cking out there putting coke up my nose. I’m not smoking crack [sic],” the now-47-year-old said.

Since then, the multi-Grammy-winning musician has been vocal about how he overcame his drug addiction through exercise after coming out of rehab.

“It (exercise) gave me a natural endorphin high, but it also helped me sleep, so it was perfect. It’s easy to understand how people replace addiction with exercise,” he told Men’s Journal in 2015.

“I started getting OCD about the calories, making sure I burned 2 000 every day,” he said.

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