Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla tells ANC to stay away as she wrecks havoc in MK Party by firing senior officials

Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla tells ANC to stay away as she wrecks havoc in MK Party by firing senior officials

Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla tells ANC to stay away as she wrecks havoc in MK Party by firing senior officials

The political landscape in South Africa is once again a stage for the ongoing saga of the Zuma family, with accusations flying between the ANC and the MK Party (MKP). Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, daughter of former president and MKP leader Jacob Zuma, has accused the ANC of orchestrating a campaign to destabilise the MKP, a claim the ANC vehemently denies.

The latest round of accusations comes amidst reports of internal strife within the MKP, with Zuma-Sambudla facing criticism from some party members. She has been accused of being behind the exit of several MKP leaders, including party founder Jabulani Khumalo, who alleges that she forged his signature on a resignation letter.

Zuma-Sambudla, who has been a vocal supporter of her father and a prominent figure in the MKP since Zuma’s defection from the ANC in December, sees herself as a target of the ANC’s alleged machinations. “Those who have agendas will always see me and other loyal cadres as a threat and obstacles who ‘wreak havoc’ and that’s fine,” she said in a tweet. “If protecting the MKP means ‘wreaking havoc’, then ‘wreaking havoc’ shall it be towards the vultures whose aim is to hijack the party or kill the organisation.”

She further claims that the ANC has been actively trying to infiltrate the MKP, deploying “strategically deployed agents” to undermine her and her father. “There have been a lot of identified individuals of the ANC who have tried and continue to infiltrate MKP to usurp power for themselves in a plan to take over the party through strategically deployed agents, and in so doing attempt to discredit me,” she stated.

However, ANC acting spokesperson Zuko Godlimpi dismisses these accusations, stating that the ANC has no interest in the internal affairs of the MKP. “The ANC must not be used as a scapegoat for internal machinations of other parties. We are too busy focusing on governing the republic. The ANC has no interest in who does what, with whom and when in other parties,” he said to TimesLIVE.

This latest development adds another layer of complexity to the already strained relationship between the ANC and the MKP. The MKP, formed by veterans of the liberation struggle, has been critical of the ANC’s leadership and policies, particularly in the wake of the Zuma era. The party’s recent participation in the national elections, where it garnered a negligible percentage of the vote, further highlights the challenges it faces in gaining traction in the South African political landscape.

The accusations and denials exchanged between the ANC and Zuma-Sambudla are likely to further fuel tensions between the two parties. While the ANC maintains its focus on governing, the MKP’s internal turmoil and the ongoing accusations against the ANC raise questions about the future of the party and its role in South African politics.

The situation also raises concerns about the potential for further instability within the MKP, particularly with the upcoming leadership elections. The party’s internal divisions, coupled with the accusations of external interference, could lead to further fragmentation and weaken its already fragile position.

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