Do you know ًwhy The Queen’s Thato (Xolani Mayekiso) is gaining so much weight

Do you know ًwhy The Queen’s Thato (Xolani Mayekiso) is gaining so much weight

Do you know ًwhy The Queen's Thato (Xolani Mayekiso) is gaining so much weight

So how did the entertainer strangely and drastically change for his job as the now ‘overweight Thato’ that we are seeing on The Queen?

At the point when on-screen characters have completely submerged themselves in the mechanical, legitimate groundwork for a job; they eat, drink and become the job so a lot, that they once in a while disregard their families, companions, their wellbeing and psychological well-being.

When Xolani Mayekiso assumed the job of Thato on The Queen it seemed like the ideal occupation on the planet. His fans, explicitly his female devotees multiplied, his male supporters associated with his ‘kasi, streetwise’ discourse and silliness.

He evidently just began eating all his preferred nourishments; from visit MacDonalds visits, pap and vleis, drinking brew, eating pasta, having frozen yogurt or chocolate cake at odd hours, and making the most of Mzansi’s untouched most loved kasi food; Kota. Fans were crushed to see him putting on so much weight, they’re despite everything requesting that he lose the weight however clearly for certain entertainers, that is simply an aspect of their responsibilities portrayal.

It seems like a great deal of fun putting on all the weight, no activity for quite a long time, eating anything your heart wants, yet what happens when your agreement closures and you need to play another job?

You probably won’t be shocked to get familiar with it’s not exactly as lovely as it sounds with regards to losing the kilos for a TV job.

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