DJ Zinhle’s Sudden Change Of Heart On Her Baby Daddy Shocks Mzansi – Video

DJ Zinhle’s Sudden Change Of Heart On Her Baby Daddy Shocks Mzansi – Video

DJ Zinhle’s Sudden Change Of Heart On Her Baby Daddy Shocks Mzansi – Video

When her reality show, The Unexpected premiered, DJ Zinhle made it very clear that she has no intentions of getting married – ever. But now she might have developed a sudden change of heart and she made this known on her last episode for this season.

From the beginning of The Unexpected, DJ Zinhle spoke about how her family members wanted her to get married. In the very first episode when she broke her pregnancy room to Pearl Thusi, who asked her is she getting married, then Zinhle said, “I’m not going to get married, ever!”

Her baby daddy Murdah Bongz also expressed keenness in getting married to DJ Zinhle but she had turned him down numerous times.

“And they wonder, my sister, when are you getting married? Said Zinhle in one of her diary room sessions.

Then as Murdah and Zinhle are taking a stroll, he tells her, “But I want to do the right thing.” However, Zinhle did not feel that it is the right thing for her. “But the thing is, the right thing for who? Like…No!” She responded.

Another family member, her sister Gugu said, “Are you getting married to Bra Bongs? Mrs. Bongz?” she joked, but Zinhle stuck to her guns and said, “That is not even possible, no one is allowed to marry me.”

Despite her reluctance to get married, Zinhle had dreams of having 7 children. But after her pregnancy with Asante, she told the media that she was done having children.

In one of the episodes, she and her sister were talking and Gugu said, “She wanted seven kids. I don’t know anymore because she’s getting older so I don’t know when she is going to get to kid number seven,” laughed Gugu.

“I’ve never wanted to get married, you know this,” Zinhle said, but her sister Gugu remained hopeful that she would change her mind, “I don’t know perhaps she will reconsider marriage after the birth of her second child, but she always says she doesn’t want to get married.”

Zinhle now has a change of heart and it seems she will get married to Bongani but it will be on her terms, when she wants to. On her last episode of The Unexpected, Zinhle was getting ready to welcome Asante into the world. She and her bae Murdah were discussing their future and how Zinhle planned on donating her placenta.

On the experience of being parents and the involvement of AKA and Kairo, Zinhle said, “This is a different experience with Bongani who is completely amazing. I just need to be in it with a new energy. As scary as it felt, it just felt good to be with someone who is so reassuring, someone who is there.”

“Bongani and I have plans to get married but it’s not going to be when people want us to get married, we have a lifetime ahead of us. We are happy every day.” she said.

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