Stop touching my kids – Actress Linda Mtoba warns her fans

Stop touching my kids – Actress Linda Mtoba warns her fans

Stop touching my kids – Actress Linda Mtoba warns her fans

ACTRESS Linda Mtoba has sent a stern warning to fans.

She told them not come near, touch or become overly familiar with her child.

According to Linda, who stars on 1Magic’s The River, such acts are an invasion of a child’s space.

In a social media post, she said this behaviour is disrespectful because kids also need their space.

“I can’t believe I have to reprimand adults to not touch or approach my child. Any child for that matter. Do not approach them. Do not get up close in their faces. Do not touch them. People are overly familiar and it’s not OK.”

In a follow-up post, she said: “Covid aside, respect people’s personal space. Especially children.”

Not everyone was impressed.

Zimasa Skhonyana said: “I respect and understand the need to protect our kids… vele it’s our job. But manner of approach is crucial. This statement could have been communicated in a more polite way.”

Ayabonga Funo said: “I understand your point and where you’re coming from but don’t be rude, have a way of addressing things without being aggressive.”

Sihle Ndlovu said: “We must just be taught about this new age parenting. I learnt about personal space for the first time when I went for a diversity course at work. It’s a Western concept. African culture we just play with a child. I remember when my sister-in-law who stayed in the USA told me there you ask for a permission to touch someone’s baby, I was shocked.”

Enhle Mangethe commented: “That’s ignorance at its best. What if it happens that I come across an abducted child, how will I know if I don’t have to be nice to children? Children can be friendly even to the abusers. But if I pay attention, I can save a child. Actually I’m very much disappointed … wa mbora ke ho rata … Mara re tla reng, levels.”

Toby Masondo wrote: “My 2cents: don’t show the kid. I’m a mom and I will never show my kid in her little years and I started to show my kid later in life. I am very aware you are a celebrity, keep your kid within doors, You brought this unto you.”

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