DJ Zinhle under fire over the way she dresses

DJ Zinhle under fire over the way she dresses

DJ Zinhle under fire over the way she dresses

One of Africa’s best female DJs, DJ Zinhle has recently been making headlines following the controversy surrounding the music group, Black Motion. Whether people are still blaming her for the group splitting up or being called out for her fashion sense. DJ Zinhle has heard it all.

While Black Motion fans are still calling for DJ Zinhle to answer for the group splitting up. However, it has been said a thousand times that DJ Zinhle had absolutely no play at the demise of this musical group.

Once again DJ Zinhle finds herself at the center of attention as tweeps have moved to her fashion sense. Even though she is always dressed in expensive and luxurious brands. However, tweeps certainly have a bone to with DJ Zinhle’s recent fashion choices.

“Dj Zinhle uvele aswenkise okwe first year student yase UKZN nje esandokuthola iBursary..” wrote Sicelo

Tweeps are having a field day at DJ Zinhle’s expense as they have gone for the jugular to scrutinize and criticize her fashion choices. Other tweeps have since urged for mercy towards DJ Zinhle by even bringing up the fact that DJ Zinhle is from a rural area in KwaZulu-Natal, Dannhauser.

“She’s from the farms klk e Dannhauser mxolele. Ukhule ebona abantwana baka Reiner benxiba kanjeya and they were rich. Waqonda unono ‘I’ll be like them xandinemali” wrote Zamatolo Mtolo

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