DJ Zinhle Has A Big Announcement To Make Today!

DJ Zinhle Has A Big Announcement To Make Today!

DJ Zinhle Has A Big Announcement To Make Today!

Award-winning SA DJ Zinhle has revealed that today will make a big announcement and it seems as if her latest side hustle will probably sustain her, way beyond his tenure in the music industry.

There is no denying that DJ Zinhle is undoubtedly one of the hardest working people in the South African entertainment industry and she is at the top of the pop culture’s ladder.

In a tweet she said today she has a big announcement to make and the moment will be life changing especially to her daughter Kairo Forbes.

“Preparing myself mentally for tomorrow’s BIG announcement and it is a significant moment because it’s a big step towards building a better future for my daughter. This is her legacy!!! I am ready to work, let’s go!!!!!”

Whilst it remains uncertain on what the announcement will be many congratulated her and surely it will be a big project as it involves Kairo’s legacy.

It is no secret that the entertainment industry is known to be quite unstable and unpredictable. Jobs are usually few and far between, whereby creative practitioners are often compelled to diversify their talents and keep the gates of income streams open!

Zinhle is no stranger to working hard and ensuring that she leads when it comes to multiple income streams. From gigs, endorsement deals and her thriving business ventures, she is keeping their bank accounts filled to the brim.

Her daughter Kairo is also hard at work securing the also. Her social media following Kairo is set to redeem her career and her parents continues to work hard also.

Zinhle is seemingly winning in every department as she recently bagged herself a hottie. The DJ has found love in the arms of Murdah Bongz.

The two have been rumoured to be an item, but they prefer not to subscribe to the pressure of agreeing that they are an item. The curiosity about their relationship was finally laid to rest when a video of them looking smitten went viral on social media.

Soon after that they went on a vacation which had the social media streets talking.

This follows after Zinhle and Murdah recently shared identical snap on their Instagram stories posted by iHarare, of the Mpumalanga province tourist attraction, proving that they were living their best lives whilst relaxing in the province.

DJ Zinhle even admitted on Somizi’s cooking show “Dinner At Somizi’s” that she thinks she is a hopeless romantic.

“I think I’m still stupid in love. I go headfirst into the relationships,”

Congratulations mama Kairo, and we cannot wait to hear what you are working on.

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