DJ Sbu showered with dollars at US gig

DJ Sbu showered with dollars at US gig

DJ Sbu showered with dollars at US gig

Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope is humbled after literally getting showered with dollars at a recent gig.

The DJ took to his timeline sharing a video of money being thrown at him while performing at Superior Ingredients in Brooklyn, New York recently, and expressing his gratitude to those who contributed. “It’s a different feeling to be thrown ngaMaDollar … I receive them all with God’s grace and humility. It’s a good sign for the future. I promise to turn them into billions of dollars. “May all that money multiply where it all came from. May it also multiply to every person reading this caption. Keep pushing your dreams. We living ours,” he wrote. The media personality opened up about his wrong financial choices when he was living a luxurious lifestyle in an episode of The Penuel Show podcast.

“When it comes to finances, I’ve fallen and I’ve got myself to blame and nobody else. From those Porches and just that lifestyle. I’ve lived the lifestyle, I’ve travelled, I’ve driven all these great cars, I’ve lived the nicest life, the celebrity life, partying and just throwing parties … as you grow older you know better and do better … I was overspending.

“I looked richer than I was,” he added.

He has acknowledged his mistakes and is living comfortably as an entrepreneur.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve played the game and I’ve passed, like I’m some guru. I’m just walking my journey and the people guiding me, that I cannot touch, and the higher power, God, made me feel comfortable to live the way I’m living now, making the decisions I’m making. I’ve learnt in business.”

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